Why Digibon is important

Billions of paper receipts are printed each year as a proof of payment. Receipts are used for warranty, returns, expenses and administration. Paper receipts are a very outdated and analogue proces in an advanced digital world. Most of them end up in the trash and provide no value for customers nor retailers. Natural resources are wasted on production and paper receipts cause millions of kilos of unnecessary waste.

It is our mission to eliminate paper receipts worldwide. Instead, Digibon introduces a smart digital receipt. Digibon receipts are impossible to lose, extremely fast to administrate and do not have a negative impact on the environment. In fact, Digibon plants trees to counter the negative impact paper receipts have had for many years. No more wallets, boxes or drawers full of receipts!

The Digibon digital receipt is smart and adaptive. That means that Digibon helps retailers with an additional channel to get in contact with their customers. Digibon receipts can contain reviews, coupons and even loyalty points directly on the receipt. Welcome to the receipt of the future!